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Ages 5 and Up
Are you looking for a piano teacher to enroll in piano or voice lessons here in Reno NV?  Are your kids trying to play the piano or singing all the time?  Sign up and see if they are ready for lessons!

Looking for a voice teacher in Reno NV?  Want to sing better or even like a professional?  Would you like to sing in Musical Theater?  Do you aspire to be a musical artist of some kind?  Have you any desire to write your own music and songs?


Remote piano and voice lessons are available via Zoom or other similar live platforms that are clear and easy to use.  Come experience the incredible difference of learning together!  No driving to and fro,  no hassle with traffic and stay in the comforts of home!

Genres & Styles

A wide range of musical genres/styles are available to study with Baldwin Studios: classical, pop, rock, jazz, blues, country, folk, R & B, musical theater, opera and more.


Learn how to get ready to perform,  reduce performance anxiety and go for it!  Learn how to compete in musical events.


Learn how to improve your vocal quality based on styles and genres,  perform at your best,  make studio recordings and marketing your music.


Learn how to write songs,  create catchy tunes and focus your thoughts on an idea.  Being creative is key to success in the music industry!


Learn the science behind the music,  scales, chords,  harmony,  classical counterpoint,  jazz,  rock forms,  genres of compositions and more.


Studying historical styles,  composers and all who have influenced music over the centuries,  modern styles and their influences.  This includes modern stylistic music,  classical opera,  pop artists,  jazz artists and more.


Experience the gift of music! Partake in optional events, recitals, performances, competitions and more!


We Bring Music To Everyone!

Novice  >

Singing to the radio,  videos,  karaoke?

Favorites  >

Singing like that favorite artist?

Intermediate  >

Want to sing like a star?


Like to perform, record, compete?

Beginner Piano  >

Favorite melodies,  note combos.

Basic Music  >

Read and memorize, good technique.

Intermediate  >

Being a pianist,  reliability, play on!


Performing, recording, pro!


There is practically no difference with remote lessons to in-person! High quality audio make everything possible! Piano and voice lessons whatever level you are, wherever you are!


Learn from a full-time teacher and professional musician with over 3 decades of performing and teaching experience!  Check out his most recent Piano Concert 2018!

A Full-Time Musical Artist

Learn from an instructor who has experience with over a thousand performances in piano and vocal music:  special occasions,  instrumental accompaniments,  theater shows, dance shows, choir accompaniments,  chamber music,  sporting events,  live concerts,  vocal live performances,  regular liturgical piano/vocal/organ music, instrumental and vocal competitions and more!

Learn from an instructor who does live piano/vocal lounge music of Jazz piano/vocals, classical music,  pop, contemporary, folk music, country, blues,  ragtime and any other styles you like,  for hours of great entertainment!

Top Quality Lessons

Instruction is individually based,  not generalized pre-formatted lessons.  This is a full-time endeavor of helping each student reach their fullest potential!

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Hello! Welcome to Richard Baldwin's website! He has been teaching piano and voice lessons for over 30 years, inspiring beginners to highly advanced!


Please sign up and we can speak about prices at your first FREE lesson! Lessons vary by month based on 4 or 5 week months. Please ask for details.

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Beginners: Parents, please have your kids listen to piano or vocal music of all styles, genres, eras etc. (Pop, Theater, Operas, Solos | Classical Piano solos, Jazz solos, Groups, Piano in bands, Blues, Piano Concertos and more!). If they enjoyed it and would like to start learning,  you are ready to Signup!

Intermediate/Advanced: Sign up and/or we can speak over the phone about details!

Piano lessons: you need a piano or full weighted-keyboard to enroll! Please ask Richard for details or about how to get a great piano/keyboard at incredible prices!

Please understand there is no guarantee for enrollment, all are subject to availability etc.!

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