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Beginners: Parents, please be sure to have your kids listen to plenty of piano or vocal music of all styles, genres, eras and types (Pop, Theater, Operas, Solos | Classical Piano solos, Jazz solos, Groups, Piano in bands, Blues, Piano Concertos and more). If they enjoyed it then please ask if they would like to start learning how to play piano, or sing better? If so, you are ready to fill out the Signup Form!

Intermediate/Advanced: Please sign up and we will speak over the phone about levels and experience.

When requesting to sign up for piano lessons, you will need to have a piano or weighted action full keyboard in order to practice music! If you have any questions please ask Richard about how to get a piano.

Please understand there is no guarantee of enrollment, all is subject to availability and other factors at our discretion.

By Signing up you please agree with the above.

Thank you!

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