The Art of Piano Lessons – Why have a piano teacher?

The Art of Piano Lessons Taking Piano Lessons instead of self-teaching. Ready to Get Started? Become Motivated A great reason to enroll is to become motivated. To spend time and money on what it takes to learn the instrument means commitment. Commitment means the student is destined to work harder at learning than just dabbling around. The challenge to prepare for lessons every week to meet the expectations of the teacher. That is a big... Continue reading

Health Benefits of Learning Piano and Singing

Physical Benefits Exercise - Playing piano and singing increases physical and mental activity.  One uses the entire body in the process including arms and back and everything else.  Singing is an energizing physical and cardiovascular activity! Pianists also work the arms and breathe with the music! Posture - Good piano posture and healthy singing posture enhance strength throughout the body.  This builds good habits in other everyday environments.   Working on posture helps align the...